Gucci Premiere
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Gucci Premiere Eau de Parfum for Women 

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Perfume ( No Box ) ( With Defects )
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Eau De Perfum
Eau De Parfum

Original ( With Master Box )

 ده الاصدار الرسمي الاصلي المبرشم و القادم من الماركات و الاعلي سعرا

Original ( With Tester Box )

ده الاصدار الاصلي ايضا القادم في بوكس ابيض او بيج - مكتوب علي العلبة و الزجاجة اه تستر و ليس للبيع  - بلا  عيب
قادم من الماركات - سعره اقل قليلا من الماستر

Perfume ( No Box ) ( With Defects )

العطر  نفس الجودة للنوعين السابقيين من كل شيء ( رائحة - ثبات - فوحان ) - بدون علبه - بالزجاجة عيوب شحن خارجية و عيوب تخزين حيث انه
قديم - قد يصل انتاجه ل 10 سنين
ان لم تجده بالجودة المذكورة يحق لك  الاسترجاع او الاستبدال فى خلال ٤٨ ساعة من الاستلام بشرط ان تكون الزجاجة كاملة تم تجربتها مرة فقط ( مش ناقصة )

Perfume ( No Box ) ( No Cap ) ( With Defects )

نفس الشرح السابق بالاضافه انه بدون غطاء

High Copy 

 تقليد للعطر بالعلبه الاساسية بنسبة جودة 90 -95 % من حيث الشكل و الرائحة و الثبات و الفوحان

High Copy ( With Tester Box )

تقليد للعطر الاصلي بالعلبه التستر بنسبة جودة 90 - 95 % من حيث الشكل و الرائحة و الثبات و الفوحان

Atomizer Split

تقسيم زجاجة العطر في اوتوميز حيث يسهل تجربة العطر علي العميل
يعني مش البرفان بحجم صغير لا Travel size برجاء ملاحظة ان التقسيم مش معناه
معناه ان يدويا بنقسم الزجاجة الكبير لاحجام اقل في اوتوميزر 
شكل الاوتوميزر : هنا
Perfume for Women Buy now from Egypt at Catwa Deals

Gucci Premiere is a luxurious perfume named after Gucci couture. This highly prestigious collection of clothes was introduced to the world in 2010 and immediately earned a wave of admiration. Premiere was created as an aromatic accessory to this style of clothes. It is a very feminine perfume with exquisite floral notes and a small addition of woody accents. The unique aroma of Gucci Premier will be fancied mainly by women who love luxury, a distinctive, yet harmonious scent and especially a long-lasting and interesting aura of femininity.

Gucci Premiere is dressed in an attractive metallic flacon. Copper with golden glint is responsible for attracting attention, just like Premiere fragrance. Thanks to its lovely design, luxurious aroma and fame of the world-famous Gucci brand, Premiere will embellish every elegant lady. You will be also pleased with its universal use. It is well-suited for every occasion and you will draw attention with it in every season.

Harmonious blend of intoxicating flowers that stand out on a fine base consisting of exotic wood and seductive leather notes will let no man doubt that you are sensual, graceful and interesting. In the first moments after application, you will feel distinctive freshness of bergamot whose intensity is softened with fragile orange blossom. The initial freshness is replaced with luxury-evoking creamy notes of musk embraced by purity of white blossoms. A perfect ending that is supposed to make an impression of sensuality and magic attraction, is an extract from silky-smooth rose and a wood accord.

Gucci perfumes have become an expression of luxury and elegance all around the world. The breathtaking compositions of flowers, fruit and precious ingredients are housed in originally designed flacons that will be pleasing to your eye. Fans of rich and persistent scents that are pleasing especially in winter will find what they are looking for. However, Gucci also designs light and fruity summer perfumes that will enchant you with their fine and fresh notes.

A luxurious accessory, tailor-made to the prestigious collection of Gucci couture clothes, is called Premiere. This long-lasting eau de parfume will become a permanent companion of your life if you covet gleaming elegance, gentle femininity and sensual, sparkling attraction. Try the magic scent Premiere that is waiting for you on our website for an unbeatable price!


Top notes
Bergamot, Orange Tree Blossom
Middle notes
Floral Notes, Musk
Base notes
Leather, Wood
Fragrance categoryfloral, woody
Additional Information

75ML, 50ML


Perfume ( No Box ) ( With Defects ), Original ( With Master Box )

Fragrance Type

Eau De Perfum, Eau De Parfum