What is the meaning of Perfume split ?

What is the meaning of Perfume split ? Catwa Deals - كاتوا ديلز | Perfume online shop In Egypt

What is the meaning of Perfume split ?

Perfume split : means you get full bottle of perfume . Lets say 100ML bottle , and split it in 10 bottles, 10ML each. ( or whatever size )

Most likely people split perfumes in atomizer.

Picture of atomizer

Sometimes people use small bottles.

Small bottle that can be used in perfume split

Please notice that either the bottle or the atomizer do NOT belong to the perfume brand.

Many people did ask me if the perfumes we use ourselves in our split collection original or not?

Simple answer , Of course Original perfumes

The main reason of perfume spillting is providing the expensive perfumes especially niche perfumes for everyone to try, and make them affordable before paying too much for something you maynot like.

The Semi original perfumes ( high copy ) are already affordable.