Is there many un-boxed perfumes in the market?

This is weird but still important question nowadays, as many compositors in Egypt  try to give lame excuse for their claim ( There is no un-boxed " Outlet " ) Perfume in the market .

I heard that they tell people . if there gonna be un-boxed perfumes in the market due to damages or defects in the box , they will be few but now we see MANY of them .

before I give my absolute answer with evidence as usual we are NOT responsible for any scammer may use our evidence to sell fake products . 

we put the fact and give sources , evidence and our own sources  so as usual we say never buy any product that you don't know it's source for sure .

Anyways ,

once again , 

Is there many un-boxed perfumes in the market?

YES , there is MANY un-boxed perfume in the market .

Why ? , well honestly we do not know for sure as we did NOT ask any of the sellers that question , however we think as there are markets and many shops / websites sell these perfumes so they might just collect and resell them and specialized in the field .

here are the sources ( proofs ) of our answer .

Is there many un-boxed perfumes in the market? is one of the most popular and trusted website in USA .

if you watch fragrance reviews you can find most of the well-known reviews recommend them .

Is there many un-boxed perfumes in the market?  

you can try search un-boxed perfumes in and see how many TRUSTED verified sellers with + 9 rate selling un-boxed perfumes - with or without caps.

the most important question now .

how do I know that you Catwa Deals , buy from these sources .

please find our sources here .