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لو اول مرة تشتري مننا و عايز تعرف معلومات اكتر عن العطور الاوتليت

 معني الاوتلت

 امثلة للعيوب الي ممكن تكون في عطور الاوتليت


 و  برده تقدر تطمن لسياسة الاسترجاع بتاعتنا لو في مشكلة و شروطها- 

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عطر مياو مياو للنساء

عطر مياو مياو من انتاج بيت الأزياء الإيطالي مياو مياو (MIU MIU) وهو عطر خاص بالنساء وينتمي لعائلة العطور الزهرية وتتكون مقدمة العطر من مزيج من الليمون والبرغموت وزنبق الوادي و قلب العطر يدخل في تركيبته الياسمين والزهور والعنب الاسود اما قلب العطر فيتكون من المسك الأبيض وخشب اكيغالا ,وتم اصدار العطر عام 2015.

The composition of the fragrance is signed by perfumer Danielle Roche Andrier, known for her creations for the house of Prada (as well as Bvlgari, Marni, Bottega Veneta). As Danielle explains it, the focus is on lily of the valley flowers supported with floral notes of jasmine, rose and green notes, as well as a special ingredient created by Givaudan, akigalawood, which develops the scent of patchouli, notes of pepper and woody aromas of oud. The composition of Miu Miu fragrance opens in a fresh and floral manner, and as it develops it begins warmer and woodsier, says Danielle.

AKIGALAWOOD—a fractioned note of patchouli oil which contributes to the pepperish and woody character of the fragrance was created in Givaudan. The house highlights: “The new material has a similar profile as patchouli, combined with vibrant spicy shades of pepper and precious oud wood.”


The flacon of the first Miu Miu fragrance is inspired by the special material characteristic of luxurious Miu Miu’s matelassé leather bags. The turquoise flacon body repeats the pattern; the neck of the bottle is white, with the brand logo, while the stopper is made of a bright red plastic disk. The fragrance will be available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum accompanied with perfumed body care products (shower gel, body lotion, body cream).




Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Lily-of-the-Valley Bergamot Lemon

Middle Notes
Jasmine Rose Green Notes Black Currant Peach

Base Notes
Akigalawood White Musk


Miu Miu perfumes and colognes

Miu Miu perfumes and colognes Miu Miu is a fashion brand, all about the power of contradictions, surprises, conceptual short-circuits: the result is sensual as it is intellectual. Avant-garde, often provocative, never obvious, Miu Miu is characterized by a very strong identity and an independent creative development. Established in 1993, evolved along the years, the Miu Miu alphabet has been put into acceleration when the label began showing in Paris. Stressing both couture savoir-faire and playful experimentalism, Miu Miu explores fashion with a capital F, giving elegance and sophistication a twisted meaning

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