Escada Born In Paradise Spray For Women Deodorant Spray For women

لو اول مرة تشتري مننا و عايز تعرف معلومات اكتر عن العطور الاوتليت

 معني الاوتلت

 امثلة للعيوب الي ممكن تكون في عطور الاوتليت


 و  برده تقدر تطمن لسياسة الاسترجاع بتاعتنا لو في مشكلة و شروطها- 

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Size : 200ML


  • Top Notes:
  • The fragrance initiates with the freshness of green apple, aqueous scent of watermelon, and the lemony sour essences of guava. These high notes balance out well against each other and give you a magnificent overall fragrance.
  • Middle Notes:
  • The middle notes flower with the delicious aromas of pineapple and coconut. 
  • While pineapple delivers a dash of appetizing pungency and a hint of sour freshness, the coconut helps provide a mystical, sweet vanilla aroma that mimics the irresistible fragrance of pina colada.
  • Base Notes:
  • The fragrance closes off with the pacifying scents of sandalwood, cedar, and musk. The musk provides retro woody aromas that are complemented by the slight milky, sturdy notes of sandalwood. 
  • The cedar contributes exquisite dryness to these bottom notes.


Escada perfumes and colognes

Escada perfumes and colognes Escada is an international luxury fashion group founded in Germany by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. The name Escada means “staircase” in Portuguese. Starting in Munich in 1978, the company made a name for itself with distinctive colorful and patterned fashions. Escada Beauté was founded in 1990 and saw the release of its first fragrance, Escada Margaretha Ley, named for one of the company’s founders. The fragrance division launched a series of successful fragrances for men and women throughout the 1990s and continuing into the 21st century.